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Q: The hand piece keeps on beeping when the hand piece is on the base.

A1: Make sure that the hand piece is sitting on the base properly by moving it a little.
A2: Make sure that the contacts are clean.
A3: Keep the hand piece on the base, and press the exposure button on the hand piece once.
A4: May be a defective charging circuit.

Q: How do you turn the beeping sound off?

A1: Make sure that the base is powered.
Place the hand piece correctly on the base. Press the "Low" button on the base repeatedly until display reads "00". Press the "high" button on the base repeatedly until the display reads "00". Press "Set" button on the base.
Re-set the hand piece to your desired exposure mode.
Repeat the process again to toggle the sound back on.
A2: The original CoolBlu model sold before Aug. 2001 does not have the capability to shut the sound off.

Q: Is the lightguide heat auto clavable ?

A1: Yes, follow the normal auto-claving method.

Q: Can I chemical atuo-clave the lightguide ?

A1: Yes, polish the two clear ends of the glass carefully if contaminants deposit.

Q: Do you have other types of lightguides?

A1: We offer 8 types of lightguides as optional accessories.

Q: What's the curing time?

A1: Depends on various conditions, material used, the shade, etc. Most resins(2mm depth) should cure within 12~18 seconds using CoolBlu1. CoolBlu2 should take 8~12 seconds for the same maerial.

Q: If the device seems defective what should I do?

A1: First, read the support section on this web site as well as troubleshooting notes on the instruction manual. If the problem persists, send an email to the technical contact at Dental Systems, leave you name, telephone number, and the symptom of the problem. Someone should get in contact with you as soon as possible to have the unit repaired or exchanged if it is still under warranty, or suggest ways to relieve the problem otherwise.

Q: Does my resin cure with CoolBlu?

A1: If it contains Camphor Quinone as hardening catalyst, it would. Over 90% of composites on the market contain Camphor Quinone. CoolBlu and CoolBlu2 does not cure composites that do not use Camphor Quinone, such as PPD.
We have provided a list of materials that we have either tested or referred as compatible in details page of this site.

Q: The power meter that I use for halogen lamp reads very low power off of LED lamp.

A1: CoolBlu series curing lights use a highly efficient light source called LED.
You cannot directly compare the power readout from a halogen power reader.
Multiply the reading by 2~2.6 times to get a rough idea of the curing performance.

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